Drop testing

The effectiveness of the packaging design in protecting your product during transit and handling can be established by a series of tests.

Drop testing, can be carried out in-house by our own design engineers. This will establish whether the pack can withstand a series of drops during transit or handling.

The testing may be needed to establish how fragile the product is in the first place or what are inherent weak points.

Typically a pack which can be carried by 1 man will be drop tested from a 1 metre drop height. Whereas a pack designed to be lifted by forklift may only be tested from 20 or 30cms.

The purpose of the testing is to establish the effectiveness of cushioning in the pack in restricting the impact of the drop or series of drops on the product to a given fragility and thereby ensuring that the product is not damaged.

Shock tests, vibration tests and environmental tests can be carried our at recognised test centres as required.

Testing services